The Need

The devastating destruction caused by the struggle with life-altering addictions not only consumes the addict, but family and friends are often left scarred and hurting, trying to pick up and mend the broken pieces. Society is offering "hope for addiction" without Christ, through self-centered, man-made programs. This flawed approach often leaves addicts feeling more confused and hopeless. This self-centered, secular approach encourages addicts to find a "god of their own understanding," all the while using a "religious" means to reaching their false god. Advocates for this approach, which include many state-sponsored religious and non-religious social service agencies, believe they can attain sobriety through their man-made methods. While we recognize that many of these methods are based on biblical principles, the power of Jesus Christ and His Gospel are missing from these programs. The reluctance to name Christ as Lord and Savior and the idea that man can work his way to God are the fundamental flaws of this mentality (Titus 3:5). As a result, addicts may have a certain amount of "clean time" but lose out on true salvation. The need is great.

The Lighthouse : A Biblical Life Recovery Center, is unique in its approach to meeting the need. We believe the Gospel is the foundation of true biblical recovery (Romans 1:16). God by His grace has offered us hope from our sin (Romans 3:10-26). Through His Son Jesus Christ's death, burial and resurrection we are forgiven and redeemed. We are no longer slaves to sin. Our ultimate desire is to see the men we serve come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. In so doing, they can begin to experience the freedom from their bondage to their life-altering addictions. Using Gospel-centered discipleship, it is our desire to assist the men we serve in growing in a personal relationship with Him. Through His work in their hearts, real transformation will occur, and the sinful patterns of addiction can be broken.